Why choose SØN

We claim that we want to make the most environmentally friendly product line possible. Though it is impossible to be sure. Still, that is what we aspire to. Our goal is to come as close to a zero carbon footprint as possible.  Read about our efforts and also about where there is room for improvement.

Packaging: We want to reduce the use of plastic so we have chosen to use remnants of sugar canes for our tubes. If our tubes end up as rubbish in nature, they will biodegrade over time. Only the lid is plastic. We are still seeking a better solution, so here there is room for improvement. Remember that tubes and plastic do not belong in the environment. They must be disposed of via the proper channels or, better yet, recycled.

Ecology: Our products are organic. We produce them to live up to the strictest organic standards. To that end, we are working towards ECOCERT certification for all our products. The organic ECOCERT certification provides valuable guidelines for organic skin care products. ECOCERT certification sets high standards for a product’s organic origins and purity. We are organic and we are working on getting that confirmed by way of the ECOCERT approval.

Vegan: All our products are vegan, so there are no animal-based ingredients included in our products. In addition, we do not test our products on animals, making our products “cruelty free”.

Proximity: We are Danes and we produce in Denmark because we believe that is the most natural thing to do. This helps reduce our carbon footprint. We also use as many Danish ingredients as possible. But we are not there just yet. It still makes sense to use foreign ingredients in many of our products. But we are constantly working on using even more Danish ingredients.

Pureness: Our products contain a high degree of natural ingredients – up to 98%. It does not get much better than that. Yet, we are constantly looking for ways to replace non-natural ingredients with natural ones.

Shipping boxes and more: Most of our shipping packaging is made of recycled cardboard or of FSC-certified paper from Swedish forests. This is another way we uphold the proximity principle. The filling we use in shipping to protect our products is made of corn starch, which is completely natural and water-soluble. The packaging you receive is best disposed of at a recycling station.

We know we cannot save the world alone. But we are doing our best and we are always looking to improve. Let us know if you notice something that we can do better. Write to us at “Contact us”.