About us

SØN of Barberians is a Danish skin care product line developed especially for young skin. Our MISSION is to democratise the world of male skin care by offering the best for young male skin.

But we aim to do much more than that. We are committed: EVERYTHING WE DO, we do to create excitement around good skincare routines for young men. Our focus is on honesty, Danish quality and, not least, on creating the cleanest, most environmentally friendly products possible. Read more about our environmentally friendly and responsible approach to the world under “Why chose SØN”.

Our story began with the Barberians Copenhagen brand, a luxury grooming brand focused on facial hair, shaving and skin care. We are a small company, driven by passion and family involvement. For some time now, our sons have been asking for a product line to meet their needs and desires. We have listened and involved them in the development of this line – hence the name SØN. The spelling remains Danish to reflect our Danish roots.

Besides being involved in the development, our sons also tirelessly tested the products until we got the quality and characteristics just right. You could call SØN the next generation of skin care.